Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hyacinth Dolls... Episode Six.

Hyacinth Dolls... Episode Six.

Dream, Reality & the Blood..

They both were in the same dream. Both. In a very strange land it was. There were coloured balloons flying in the streets.. The whole area was smelling of a special amber like aroma. He was holding a hard wooden stick in his hand. He was not alone. There were other people too. One of them called him with his name.
-         Harr rrold..hey, here, look here .. What do you see?
He saw a man with a fishnet in his hand. A lousy type man with a strap on pant, like 1940’s Laurel hardy film’s Hardy. A funny typed man. By the time he was thinking & connecting this man to Hardy, he suddenly found the fishnet came to his hands & the stick is gone. He started playing with the fish net & could see the visions of his childhood.

One rainy summer day, he was tied up in a room by the order of his torturing father. When the dad was left for the job again after lunch break, he asked the servant to open the door. This servant, a little crazy, didn’t open the door, instead started cracking jokes. Finally, very annoyed Harrold kicked in that old styled glass & wooden framed door & managed to have a deep glass cut under his right feet. He saw blood started dripping out & he could feel the deep, sharp pain right under his right toe.  He caught that scene in the fishnet & with his latest surprise, he found Veena standing opposite to the door & laughing, laughing , laughing. She was wearing that black & crimson red lingerie .. still the bra hook is flat open. Harrold could she her left breast & then there was a bullet shot at the side of her shoulder. It started bleeding.
-         V eeee Naaa..
Harrold shouted & wanted to seat on the bed. The doctor & the attendant man caught him. The .46 calibre bullet entered into his right chest. Down the 5th rib. The led has managed to make a powerful fracture. The shock was obvious in the brain. He was in a coma.  After some 97 hours this was his first sign of life. Doctors were very happy.  Harrold was trying to understand the situation. He had many a questions to make. Doctor Kevin went near his mouth. Harrold was feeling very week. Like he has been hit by a big truck.

-         Can I talk to him, Dr Kevin?

Dr Kevin looked back. It was a a strong build striking man in a very good shape. With a nice camel overcoat on top. Seems, he is armed.
-         My name is Cart Douglas. This is my business card. I am handling this case.
-         Well, thanks Mr Douglas. But I am afraid; he is not in a condition to talk right now.
-         I can wait.
-         As you wish. In that case you have to wait till next morning. He is just out of comma. It was a long battle.  I cannot afford any risk.
-         I do understand, Dr Kevin. I shall wait.
Dr. Kevin went back to the patient. Cart left the room. Started waiting outside the glass cabin. He observed from there, Harrold once looked at him with his weak brown eyes. Cart nodded him from there. Tried to inform, he is there & Veena is alive too.

To be continued ...

Thursday, 11 April 2013

As 'the Eternal Time' in my new play V I B G Y O R

The green scene, Libya.
The Eternal Time

The yellow scene, Bahrin

The team in the last scene.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Devadasi Play synopsis in audio visual

Finally a concise video of Devadasi - Die Nacht der Templetanzarin. Bilingual play in English & German. Written & directed by Supriyo Bandyopadhyay.

Devadasi - Play synopsis.

Thursday, 1 November 2012


- Can you recognise the guy?
Lany was thoughtful. When she thinks something very deeply, she bites her uppr lip.
- See, I dont believe in that myth.
- What myth?
- 'Come on, you know that.' Cart took out his cigarette case. It was gold plated & with a spcial emboss of Calvin Klein with a stone made logo. Cart light up his cigarette, 
Leny was visually blashing. Her cheeks turned red. At the same time, she was melting from inside. She thought again & again. 
- I remember. She was a little loud. That guy was waring a grey suit, he took the children & introduced himself as the janitor.
- Did the children recognise him?
- Sure, they do. But there was a woman with him & probably she was somebody new to them.
Cart's nerves became alerted. 
- A woman? How did she look?
- She was  young & was very soberly dressed. Like a secretary.
- Good. & then? 
- Then what?
- What did they do afterwards, you golden haired dumb ?
- Don't shout at me. They drove by in a white cadilac.
- Ok. Thanks, you may go now & please send  your captain in.

Leny left without a wish but Cart obsrved that she has left her business card on the table. He  picked up the card. In the backside, there was a mobile tel number. Not printed though, written hastily by hand. Cart kept the card in his pocket.
Captain came in the room.