Thursday, 1 November 2012


- Can you recognise the guy?
Lany was thoughtful. When she thinks something very deeply, she bites her uppr lip.
- See, I dont believe in that myth.
- What myth?
- 'Come on, you know that.' Cart took out his cigarette case. It was gold plated & with a spcial emboss of Calvin Klein with a stone made logo. Cart light up his cigarette, 
Leny was visually blashing. Her cheeks turned red. At the same time, she was melting from inside. She thought again & again. 
- I remember. She was a little loud. That guy was waring a grey suit, he took the children & introduced himself as the janitor.
- Did the children recognise him?
- Sure, they do. But there was a woman with him & probably she was somebody new to them.
Cart's nerves became alerted. 
- A woman? How did she look?
- She was  young & was very soberly dressed. Like a secretary.
- Good. & then? 
- Then what?
- What did they do afterwards, you golden haired dumb ?
- Don't shout at me. They drove by in a white cadilac.
- Ok. Thanks, you may go now & please send  your captain in.

Leny left without a wish but Cart obsrved that she has left her business card on the table. He  picked up the card. In the backside, there was a mobile tel number. Not printed though, written hastily by hand. Cart kept the card in his pocket.
Captain came in the room.

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